Flowering Child was established in 2007 in Minneapolis, MN by Ester Delhoofen, a medical doctor licensed in the Netherlands. Dr Ester, together with a colleague who has a PhD in public health, began Flowering Child with the stated mission of helping parents raise happy, healthy, well- adjusted kids. Naturally.

We’ve found that one of the best ways to make children feel comfortable and content is to dress them in undergarments made from a unique combination of pure, organic, imported Merino wool (70%) and natural, organically produced silk (30%). In addition to products made with this natural combination for children and infants, Flowering Child also provides undergarments for the whole family as well as natural all silk products.

Merino wool, harvested from organic, farm-raised Merino sheep makes a wonderfully warm, absorbent and breathable fabric which never itches like regular wool. The wool is treated with natural enzymes, making it hypo-allergenic for anyone who uses it. Organically produced silk can act almost as a second skin. It is a calming, temperature stabilizing, light-weight fabric that has even been shown to minimize eczema in children with sensitive skin.

Imported from locations throughout Europe, all Flowering Child products are 100% certified organic. Materials used in our garments have been acquired according to fair trade practices, are fully sustainable and treated only with earth-friendly products.

To help support people in the daunting job of parenthood, we at Flowering Child also provide free, ongoing advice on parenting by physician Dr. Ester Delhoofen. Licensed in the Netherlands, mother of 3 young children and extensively trained in Waldorf/holistic medicine, Dr. Ester writes articles and blogs about natural parenting on a regular basis. Her writings are accessible on the Flowering Child website.

Flowering Child. Helping parents raise kids with confidence.