Delhoofen Parental Coaching Services

Parental Coaching

Care for parents and young children

By: Ester Delhoofen

Ester Delhoofen is a medical doctor licensed in the Netherlands. She has extensive complementary training in anthroposophical (Waldorf) medicine, many years of professional experience with children 0-4 years of age, and is the mother of three children.

For children ages 0-3 years

  • Prevent problems
  • Stimulate health
  • Behavioral questions
  • Physical and mental complaints
  • Attention to the individual development of the child
  • Respect for parentsí unique understanding of their child
  1. Why does my 7-week-old baby cry so much?
  2. Why does my 10-month-old baby still not sleep through the night?
  3. My daughter of 20 months has already had an ear infection 3 times. Are there ways to help her using alternative or complementary therapies?
  4. Is my sonís slow speech development normal or does he need special help?
  5. How can I help my child enjoy eating vegetables?
  6. What influence does television have on my child?
  7. Why is it so hard for me to say no to my 2-year-old?

These are just a few questions parents have.

What do I offer?

In my coaching practice we talk about how to stimulate health, how to prevent problems, and how to make parenting a fun instead of a tiring job. I know that each little child needs an individual approach. My expertise is children age 0 to 3. We talk about rhythm, rest, rituals, food, clothing, toys, warmth, and behavior. I help parents set boundaries and support them in practicing this critical parenting skill. I consider a childís overall development. If necessary I can recommend homeopathy, special diets, herbs, baths, etc. I advise parents to come with their child regularly (averaging 16 visits) over the first three years of a childís life. That way I can really get to know the child and the parents and help prevent problems. I can also see a child on an incidental basis. I can come to your house before or just after the birth to talk about rhythm, swaddling, crying, breastfeeding and what to expect.

My experience

In The Netherlands, my native country, I am a licensed medical doctor. I have four years of experience in working with small children. In addition, I have obtained extensive complementary training in anthroposophical (holistic) medicine. I am not licensed as a medical doctor in the United States, so my practice here does not include medical services. Therefore, if anything arises during the course of our consultation that requires medical attention, I will refer you to a licensed physician. I have three small children and know that small changes in parenting can make a huge difference in the well being of a child.

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