If you’re looking for a fabric that stays warm even when wet, is breathable, soft and non-irritating for babies with very sensitive skin, look no further than Pure, Certified, Organic Merino Wool. The products made with organic Merino wool that Flowering Child imports from Europe are the finest quality you can buy anywhere. These Merino sheep are fed organic feed and live outdoor year round. Feeding the animals with genetically modified feeds is strictly prohibited in order to attain the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification for being free of all chemicals. Organic farming itself supports a holistic system which promotes heathy soil, waterways and air quality as well as humane practices in maintaining animals.

The benefit to you and your child? A soft, cuddling, natural feeling fabric that actually has a relaxing effect on babies, resulting in better sleep, greater contentment and reduced stress. Because children are so comfortable in garments made with Merino wool, you’ll notice a decrease activity rate when they’re sleeping, which produces a deeper, more restful sleep for them. And a happier, healthier baby for you.

Merino wool is so soft due to the fact that the wool fiber of a Merino sheep is only 1/4 the thickness of regular wool. Yet it still maintains all of the properties of wool that are so naturally beneficial. You know wool is the warmest natural material on earth. Wool wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you drier and warmer. It is breathable in cold or warm temperatures, stabilizing skin temps. The difference with Merino wool is that it is super soft and never itchy. Pure, organic Merino wool is also treated with natural enzymes before making it into fabric, which makes it hypo-allergenic. Even on sensitive skin.

Make sure you’re getting only pure, organic Merino wool products. With Flowering Child.