The mission of FloweringChild is to provide products and services that help parents raise happy and healthy children in natural, ecologically-sustainable ways. Many parents are committed to parenting in ways that optimize the health of their children and the earth’s natural environment, a process and approach known as natural parenting. FloweringChild was founded to empower parents and those who support parents with products and services that enhance their ability to provide natural parenting to children.

We believe that in pursuing a natural parenting lifestyle, there is much to rediscover in traditional parenting wisdom. The Waldorf tradition, the foundation for Waldorf schools around the world, constitutes one rich and valuable approach to raising healthy, joyful children. The products and services that we provide are consistent with Waldorf ideas on thermoregulation, the importance of natural fabrics, and harmonious, natural colors. Dr. Ester's articles and blog combine time-honored parenting wisdom with modern medical insights to provide valuable information on how to parent effectively and joyfully based on natural, Waldorf, and related principles.

Flowering Child sells only certified organic wool and silk products. Most of our products; undergarments, onesies, bonnets, sleeping sacks, blankets, long johns, shirts and undershirts, socks and stockings, panties, and tights are made from pure organic Merino wool. This special wool is extremely comfortable, practical, and nurturing. Other products at our site are made with organic silk, which always contributes to the protective function of a garment and has even been proven to have health benefits for some skin problems.

The core values of are:

• Natural parenting and time-honored parenting wisdom
• Product and information safety
• Minimal ecological footprint
• Honesty and transparency
• Good value for money
• Honoring and servicing the community and society

We are also committed to providing a premium customer experience for every customer, each and every day.